Founded in 1966, Grosvenor Guide Services is one of the longest serving luxury driver-guiding services in the UK.  We have the wealth and breadth of experience for your tours.

We are committed to very high quality and personal service at all times

Our great service is based on a team of qualified Blue Badge Tour Guides who put themselves at your exclusive disposal for sightseeing tours of as little as half a day or as long as you desire. Our Guides are selected for their sense of humour and fun, knowledge, attention to detail and good companionship.  Wherever you chose to be taken you will be entertained, informed and of course cushioned from the hassles of travel and we offer this in many world languages.

 From initially serving only the private individual luxury car tours market, in the late 1990s we broadened our remit to accommodate all types of private parties, using driver guides for up to seven passengers, luxury mini-coaches and coaches for larger parties, and guided walking tours.

Languages  - guides speaking over 40 languages offered:

Grosvenor Guide Services offers driver-guides with their own licensed cars or minivans who can be booked for tours in Dutch/Flemish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and Thai. Other languages are offered in addition for walking/coach tours and private guided tours.

Private Vehicle Operators and Insurance
All driver-guides operating for Grosvenor Guide Services are licensed by the Public Carriage Office (PCO) as Private Hire Drivers and Operators in accordance with UK law, and have a special licence for their vehicle issued by the PCO.  It is a legal requirement in the UK for car tours to be carried out by companies or individuals who have this licence and who have the appropriate public liability and private hire car insurance.

All guides operating for Grosvenor Guide Services are fully qualified professional Blue Badge Tourist Guides.

Blue Badge Guides
Are all members of the Institute of Tourist Guiding which is the standards setting body for the profession.  Grosvenor Guide Services supports the Institute of Tourist Guiding, the Guild of Registered Tourist Guides and the Association of Professional Tourist Guides.

Membership of Professional Associations
Grosvenor Guide Services is a Member of Tourism South East  and a Business Partner of Visit London.

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